+ Writing 3

Writing 3

Writing 3 focuses on academic research writing. Our libraries have an impressive array of traditional and electronic search tools as well as millions of books, journal articles, and assorted media. Although navigating this vast sea of information is intimidating, it is important that you find your way: excellent research skills are fundamental to your undergraduate training, regardless of your chosen field of study. In consideration of its importance, we will spend a significant amount of time learning how to use our library effectively.

The theme for this course is post-apocalyptic fiction, film, and art.

  • Research essay draft 1.0
  • Research essay draft 2.0
  • Research essay draft 3.0
  • Final research essay draft

Research lectures

+ Library Research

  • The academic conversation
  • The research question
  • Background or reference reading
  • Research guides
  • Peer review
  • Finding books
  • LCC system
  • Subject headings/searches
  • Examining a copyright page
  • Primary & secondary sources
  • Finding periodicals (articles)
  • Mining bibliographies

+ Cutting Corners

  • How to read a book
  • The utility of book reviews

+ Asking for help

+ Some fool checked out my book

  • Borrow Direct (books)
  • DartDoc, or “Interlibrary Loan” (articles)

+ Managing large research projects

  • Managing large research projects
  • Reference managers

+ Boolean Searches

  • Exact phrase searches
  • Parenthetical searches
  • Truncation and wild cards

+ Chicago citation style

  • Translating MLA to Chicago