Workshops and Lectures

This term we will do a series of workshops designed to learn and practice various skills needed for academic writing and research.

The purpose of these workshops is often largely diagnostic; they will not, of themselves, make you a better writer. However, they will help reveal things that you struggle with as a writer and alert you to things you don’t yet know. Think of them as tools for learning and self-assessment—you may use them to gain insight into your own abilities and create a plan for improvement.

+ Library Research

  • The academic conversation
  • The research question
  • Background or reference reading
  • Research guides
  • Peer review
  • Finding books
  • LCC system
  • Subject headings/searches
  • Examining a copyright page
  • Primary & secondary sources
  • Finding periodicals (articles)
  • Mining bibliographies

+ Cutting Corners

  • How to read a book
  • The utility of book reviews

+ Asking for help

+ Some fool checked out my book

  • Borrow Direct (books)
  • DartDoc, or “Interlibrary Loan” (articles)

+ Managing large research projects

  • Managing large research projects
  • Reference managers

+ Boolean Searches

  • Exact phrase searches
  • Parenthetical searches
  • Truncation and wild cards

+ Chicago citation style

  • Translating MLA to Chicago